I am so excited that my therapy dog training classes will be starting back up in just a few months! I love working with all people and their dogs, no matter what they need help with. My passion is helping people learn how to connect with animals on more than just a surface level, so working with people and their dogs so that they can become registered as a therapy dog team is just about my favorite thing to do!

It really is incredible to see the difference a therapy dog can make in someone’s life, even with just a brief encounter. Knox and I regularly visit a few different places in the High Country, and each visit is a wonderful experience. I love seeing a patient or resident’s eyes light up when he saunters into the room. I love the still and quiet moments when he gazes into their eyes. And I live for the moments when someone just forgets their surroundings and loses themselves in hugging or petting him. Therapy Dog volunteer work truly is a magical thing, and I am blessed to be able to help other people just like me achieve their dreams of participating in this wonderful work!


My next session of therapy dog training classes will begin April 5, 2016. I am offering two levels of therapy dog training classes: the beginner’s course is called Therapy Dog Foundations. The advanced course is called Therapy Dog Essentials.
Therapy Dog Foundations will meet at 6pm and is for people and their dogs who are interested in therapy work and need help learning the basic skills needed to be a therapy team. This class will cover things such as loose leash walking, being comfortable around strange objects, helping your dog learn self control around food and treats, and more! Cost for Therapy Dog Foundations is $175. Dogs must be at least 6 months old to enroll in this class.
Therapy Dog Essentials will meet at 7:15pm on Tuesdays and is for people and their dogs who feel they and their dog just need a little bit more polishing to prepare for testing as a therapy team! In addition to the topics covered in Therapy dog Foundations, this class will also cover HIPAA, how to conduct a visit, and other more in depth therapy dog related topics. Cost for Therapy Dog Essentials is $200. Dogs must be at least 1 year old to enroll in this class. Participation in Therapy Dog Foundations is not required to take this class.


Graduates of either class may request to be tested for memebership with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, or they can use their new skills to test with any other therapy dog organization. Any new or current Therapy Dog team is invited to join High Country Caring Canines, as well!
*Regardless of participation in any class, anyone may request, and be tested independently* I am more than happy to talk with anyone on the phone and set up a date and time to test them and their dog’s for membership with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Classes are NEVER required to take the test!


Therapy Dog Tucker

Therapy Dog Jake and owner Vicki


Therapy Dog Chloe and owner Jane