Top 5 Holiday Tips

  1. Use your “Go to Bed” cue and give your dog a nice food stuffed Kong during the big meal. This will keep them busy and out from under the table!
  2. Check your tags: Make sure your dog’s tags and microchip are up to date. If you’ll be having lots of people over, it’s best to make sure everything is up to date in case Fido slips out the door!
  3. Stay active! Don’t forget to take Fido for a morning walk before the big meal – and maybe the whole family can go after!
  4. Fido Feast: Feel free to buy Fido his own special canned Thanksgiving meal, but be very careful of table scraps. You don’t want Fido to get too many scraps, especially since many holiday favorites can be toxic.
  5. Supervise play time: If there are kids present, actively supervise at all times, or put your pet away. Lots of people and activity can be stressful for your dog, and no one wants a biting incident to happen during the holidays!