Registration is NOW OPEN for our Fall 2015 therapy dog classes and Family Dog Manners classes!

Therapy Dog Classes

There is no greater joy than seeing the benefit your beloved pet can bring to others who need affection, comfort, and love a therapy dog can offer! If you think you and your dog have what it takes to become a therapy dog team, call, email, or contact us on Facebook today. Our next 7 session course meets on Tuesdays evenings at the Watauga Humane Society beginning August 4th.

Therapy Dog Foundations will meet at 6pm and is for people and their dogs who are interested in therapy work and need help learning the basic skills needed to be a therapy team. This class will cover things such as loose leash walking, being comfortable around strange objects, helping your dog learn self control around food and treats, and more! Cost for Therapy Dog Foundations is $175.

Therapy Dog Essentials will meet at 7:15pm on Tuesdays and is for people and their dogs who feel they and their dog just need a little bit more polishing to prepare for testing as a therapy team! In addition to the topics covered in Therapy dog Foundations, this class will also cover HIPAA, how to conduct a visit, and other more in depth therapy dog related topics. Cost for Therapy Dog Essentials is $200.

Therapy Dog Classes will meet: August 4th, 18th, 25th; Sept. 15th, 21st(Field Trip for Therapy Dog Essentials), 22; Oct. 6th, 13th.

*Regardless of participation in any class, anyone may request, and be tested independently*

Family Dog Manners Classes

The Family Dog Manners Class focuses on teaching owners how to train their dogs using the most up-to-date applications of science and learning theory. The exercises taught are useful for a companion and family pet. The class uses positive methods to tap into your dog’s intelligence and eagerness to work for food, toys, social or environmental rewards. The Family Dog Manners Class initially focuses on calming your dog and building attention and impulse control. We then begin teaching behaviors that will make your dog a more polite and enjoyable family companion.

The cost for Family Dog Manners is $175. This class will have two groups that meet on Thursdays; one will meet at 6pm, and the second will meet at 7:15 pm.

Class dates are: August 13th (ORIENTATION 6:30-8:30PM), 27th, September 24th, Oct. 8th, 22nd, Nov. 5th and 19th

Space is limited, so call today!

Class offered by:
Brianne Harris // Tester Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs/Therapy Dogs, INC


Lisa Mallory of Good Dog!Training, LLC
Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed
Certified Nosework Instructor
Tester Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs/Therapy Dogs, INC