Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy, adopting an older dog, working through some training troubles, or interested in pursuing therapy dog training with your dog, we can help! We offer private in-home lessons in Boone, Nc, Banner Elk, NC and Blowing Rock, NC. 

 Private lessons are conducted in the comfort of your home, or at a local park or pet-friendly location. All of our dog training and coaching lessons are tailored to YOUR specific needs! We train without pain, fear, or stress, and our goal is to help coach you through the whole training process so that you can continue training, even after completing your program.

You love your dog like family…why not train them like family?


What to Expect:

Your first meeting with us will be a 90-minute consultation. During this session, we will go over the basics of how dogs learn and communicate, how we’ll be training your dog, and create a unique training plan for your family. After that, we’ll work on a few exercises to help you hit the ground running!


At Positive Partners Dog Training, or goal is to guide you through the dog training journey by helping you pick a program, and then tailoring it to your needs.


We’ll train primarily using food rewards. There are many reasons why, but, simply put, it’s the fastest and most effective way to teach new behaviors! Once your dog begins to show understanding of the skills we are working on, we’ll mix in affection, toys, and other rewards. Our mantra is “Reward what you like!” If your dog does something you’d like to see more of…pay them it!

Jump Start - Introduction to Training

This program is a brief overview of basic puppy training and adult dog training. This program is designed for any of the following:

  • simple potty training
  • sit/down/stay
  • walking nicely on leash
  • bonding with a new dog
  • preparing for a new puppy

The Jump Start program is $295 for 4 hours of private lessons. You can expect to strengthen your bond with your dog and learn some new communication skills, while your dog begins to learn how to be calm and have some self-control.

Mannerly Mutts & Cautious Canines

Looking for help for more than the basics? This private dog training lesson program is designed to help you better understand your dog so they can be a polite and confident part of our human world. This program is ideal for:

  • minor separation anxiety
  • dogs nervous in new places, around new people. or around new dogs
  • coming when called, even around distractions
  • problem barking, digging, & chewing
  • dogs who bark/lunge/growl on leash
  • excited dogs who need to calm down
  • following commands around distractions

A total of 6 hours of training are provided for $425.00. You can expect to be able to better communicate with your dog in a variety of settings, and be well on your way to having a happier, more harmonious life with your dog.

Fantastic Fidos

Do you really want to excel with your dog? This private dog training program is for you!

  • Canine Good Citizen training and testing
  • Therpy Dog training and testing
  • Service Dog tasks and skills training
  • following directions off leash
  • following directions at a distance
  • advanced obedience skills
  • complex behavior issues
  • barking/lunging/growling on leash
  • fearful of new people/places/things
  • training field trips around town

This program is a total of 10 hours of private dog training lessons and is $725. With the Fantastic Fidos program, you are getting peace of mind and a well mannered dog at home and out on the town!