Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy, adopting an older dog, working through some training troubles, or interested in pursuing therapy dog training with your dog, I can help! I offer private in-home lessons in Boone, NC, Banner Elk, NC and Blowing Rock, NC. 

 Private lessons are conducted in the comfort of your home, or at a local park or pet-friendly location. All of our dog training and coaching lessons are tailored to YOUR specific needs! I train without pain, fear, or stress, and my goal is to help coach you through the whole training process so that you can continue training, even after completing your program. 

All training services come with video examples of skills, a personalized training plan, typed instructions for new skills and tasks, and a few enrichment essentials to get you started. I also offer lifetime email, phone, and text support for you and your dog for simple issues! After each lesson, I’ll send you detailed homework to help keep the momentum going!

Most of the skills we’ll train take less than 5 minutes a day to teach, so it’s easy to work training into your daily life. 

You love your dog like family…why not train them like family?

All of my programs begin with a Foundations Lesson. We’ll spend 90 minutes together laying a solid foundation for us to build upon with your dog. After that first lesson together, you’ll already have a dog who is learning to pay attention to you, follow instructions, and stay out of trouble!

Private lessons are offered at a rate of $75 an hour. 

Interested in learning more about how I can help you and your dog? Let’s chat on the phone!

Have all the information you need and ready to dive right in? Schedule your Foundations Lesson and let’s get started!

Current students can easily schedule their next lesson here!

Brianne is amazing. She got us off to the right start with our puppy… Most importantly, she showed my 12-year-old autistic son how to interact with his new pet in a meaningful way. We were even able to register Cinder (our golden-doodle) as a service animal.

Brianne taught us how to have Cinder apply deep pressure to our son’s legs or shoulders, jump through a hoola hoop, lay on a mat while in a restaurant, and walk on a leash, just to name a few skills… Brianne is easy to work with, friendly, and informative. She is extremely patient with both the humans and the animals. 

Overall, working with Brianne was a great experience. Little Tag

Private Lesson Programs

Jump Start

Bringing a new dog home or looking to fix one or two problem behaviors? This quick and simple program is the answer for you.

I’m here to coach you through setting up new routines with them, building a bond with them, and taking the first steps in your training journey together.

Through 4 hours of private lessons, we’ll cover:

  • Basic Cues
  • Eye Contact & Name Response
  • Preventing or Fixing common behavior problems (pulling on leash, chewing, digging, jumping)

This is not a full obedience course – just a quick crash course in how to train your dog! This program is not appropriate for aggression, fearfulness, or guarding.

The Jump Start Program is 4 hours of private training for $300. You’ll have a solid relationship with your dog and be set to continue your training on your own!

Mannerly Mutts

Do you want your dog to listen to you, even when they’re distracted? Do you feel like you and your dog just aren’t on the same page? Is your dog hard to control on walks? Regardless of your goals, we can help! Most of our exercises take 5 minutes or less a day, so you’ll be training your dog in no time!

The Mannerly Mutts program is to help your dog become a polite and confident part of our human world. This program is ideal for:

  • dogs nervous in new places, around new people. or around new dogs
  • coming when called, even around distractions
  • problem barking, digging, & chewing
  • dogs who bark/lunge/growl on leash
  • excited dogs who need to calm down
  • following cues around distractions

A total of 6 hours of training are provided for $450.00. You can expect to be able to better communicate with your dog in a variety of settings, and be well on your way to having a happier, more harmonious life with your dog.

Fantastic Fidos

Do you want it all for your dog? Therapy dog work? Canine Good Citizen certificate? Off-leash reliability? Stellar obedience, even under pressure? Then Fantastic Fidos is for you!

This program takes thing beyond basic obedience. New environments, new people, and new distractions will help build stronger skills and a stronger relationship with your dog in common real-world situations.

This program is a total of 8 hours of private dog training lessons and is $600. With the Fantastic Fidos program, you can have peace of mind and a well-mannered dog – at home and out on the town!