Meet Brianne

Hey there! I am Brianne, your very own compassionate and patient dog training coach.

Like many of my students, I have always loved animals. My childhood scrapbook is full of pictures of me with a wide range of stray animals I tried to convince my parents to let me keep. I was 12 years old when I finally won my parents over and we kept a stray puppy. Her name was Doodles, and she was a Granville County Special – a total mystery mutt! It didn’t take long before I taught Doodles a variety of tricks; sit, down, shake, roll over, high five, and even how to jump over a broomstick. I have many fond memories of packing my pockets with dog cookies and heading out with Doodles and my little sister in tow for “adventures” in the neighborhood. Doodles was a willing and constant companion, no matter the journey we were on. She saw me through more challenges and trials in life than I could possibly name. She lived 17 wonderful years, and I am eternally grateful for the lessons she taught me.

Today I continue to make memories and learn lessons from the many animals in my life.  Through my work at Apple Hill Farm, an alpaca and angora goat farm that is open to visitors, I help people get back in touch with what’s real as they take a break from the hustle and bustle of life to experience a real farm. As a dog trainer, I coach my students through their journey with their dog. Together, my students and I teach our dogs tricks, help them refine their manners, and we can help shy, fearful, or aggressive dogs find harmony in their lives. It is always an honor to begin work with a new student; we have so many lessons we can share with each other!

When I’m not on the farm or working with students, I like to spend my free time crocheting, reading young adult fiction, or practicing Krav Maga. Like most High Country residents, I also spend as much time as possible in my hammock or hiking…and I wear my Chacos as often as possible!

Our private lessons can help you with:

  • loose leash walking skills
  • basic obedience
  • crate training
  • therapy dog training
  • Rowdy Rovers
  • Cautions Canines
  • Puppy or Adoption Preparations
  • Potty Training
  • problem barking
  • and more!

How do we train?

  • Rewards-Based Methods

  • toys, food, treats, affection, praise are used to reward dogs

  • Relationship-centered lessons

  •  Confidence building for dogs and owners

  • Learning through fun and games

  • No stress, no pain, and no fear

  • No pinch, prong, or choke collars

  • No e-collars, shock collars, vibration collars or spray collars

We all have dogs because we love them and enjoy their companionship; why would we want to do anything to them that could hurt them, or, even worse, cause them to be shy or fearful of us?

Meet Knox

Knox is an 11-year-old Great Pyrenees, and he helped me start my journey to becoming a dog trainer!

He lives at Apple Hill Farm and is a semi-retired alpaca guardian. He loves meeting new people and going on adventures with me. Because he makes everyone smile, I wanted to share him with the world! In 2013, I set out to train him to become a therapy dog. I fell further in love with the science of learning and behavior modification, and soon after set out to further my education and become a certified dog trainer.

Knox is now retired from therapy work, but he still makes the visitors to Apple Hill Farm smile and helps out with my training students when he can.